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January 9, 2009
The Race Engine Track King's main spotlight.

The most latest engine TK has is Race Engine 6. 

So far it has stunned us all to see many races that have very close times, Usually if there was a superstar on the track it would out run most of the horses.

Race Engine 6 

Overall goal of Season 6 Race Engine: Reduce the gaps between 1st place and last place without changing the "pecking order" that is currently in place.

Awareness of horses' potential speed: Jockeys will be given a more targetted awareness of what a horse is able to do resulting in a higher average speed for lesser jockeys and apprentices.
Take it easy speed: At the start of the race, the speed that horse and jockey consider "taking it easy" will be increased slightly. Of course, this can still change during the race - only initial calculations of this figure are changing.
Improved vision: The distance at which a jockey can 'see' and 'react to' a horse ahead of them is being increased - potentially sparking a "chase" mentality more often.
Sensitivity to horse condition: The potential sensitivity to a horses' condition is now relative to current position, and not absolute. For example, a jockey in last place has far less capacity to be concerned about the horses' condition than a jockey inside the top 5.
Form: Recent form/spells going into a race is very slightly more important.
Push hard: The desire to push a horse hard is now relative rather than absolute. For example, a jockey in 1st place will give increased consideration to easing, where a jockey in last place will give increased consideration to pushing very hard.



January 9, 2009
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