The Australian Sprinters Shield Prelude

January 28, 2009

Sat 31st Jan

Australian Sprinters Shield final.


On Saturday the cream of the Australian sprinters meet at Sydney Regional for the final of the Australian Sprinters Shield, run over 1100m.


The top five horses from each of last weekend’s semi-final races have qualified their stables for the final on Saturday, they are:

Aquananu Avalon Park

BecStars Canning Vale Estates

Capsule Corp Compy Champions

Counterfeit Cunning Stunts

Dazed and Confused Devinals

Glue Factory Haydos

Horses for Courses Mick's Nags

New Scotland Yard Old Wesleyens Equine

Penguins Red Right Hand

Sheepbilly Skip Gardens

Sponges Toongabbie Tyros

Tulloch Lodge Windy Hill

Yarraaman Gundhi

Eight of these stables are based in Adelaide, including last season’s winning stable Sheepbilly.  The stable’s prize horse Dorothy will most likely start clear favourite in the betting ring after winning last season’s Australian Sprinters Shield and two previous cups from Europe.  The only thing that may stop him is an injury, having run three races in the previous two weeks.


(Sheepbilly) – “No not worried about an injury as the last couple of races haven't taken a lot out of him even though he ran very good times, also he's had some helpful training this week and 8 days rest.”


(TK – Hairboy) – “Dorothy has certainly been active recently, but is usually well managed and doesn't seem to have had any injury niggles recently - which is usually a sign to spell the horse. There's definitely a chance for injury with any horse that has been run that often”


One stable hoping to rain on Sheepbilly’s parade and win his first Sprinters Shield is Adelaide based Dazed and Confused, who is running Trapeze Oim.


(Dazed and Confused) – “Trap's preparation has been going exactly to plan. His schedule has been pretty light of late, with fortnightly races in the local league as his only runs. He has done OK with this Jockey so far, but the pairing looks to be strengthening and I'm hoping for a good run on Saturday”


Three past winning stables have made it back to the final, Yarraaman Gundhi, BecStars and most recently Sheepbilly.  BecStars won previously with Miss Tilly, and Yarraaman Gundhi with Kahun Monglow, but both these stables have decided to enter horses other than their past winners.  BecStars unavailable for comment at time of publication on entrant Wing Anda Prayer.


(Yarraaman Gundhi) – “To be honest, I hadn't really thought much about who I'm going to run yet. It won't be Kahun though, who is needed to help me stay ahead of an extremely competitive league. I'm still procrastinating on the decision given the track conditions.”


The Shield final is dominated by Class 1 stables, but two plucky young Class 2 stables have made it through to make a challenge.  Haydos is one of those stables, based in Bondi Junction, and has entered a horse, Anton Tac Destine, which was purchased from Hirsute Hoofers.


(Haydos) -  “Yeah, it’s great to be able to make my 1st sprint shield final, and even better to be one of 2 class 2 stables, I hadn't actually noticed it.”
“Anton has been running really well as shown by his 3rd in the semi against a quality field. Hairboy did a great job with him so it’s just about getting the right jockey on.”


(Hirsute Hoofers) – “… a forced sale by my stable due to financial pressures. Got a great price for him, and it seems he's had a little training since then. A horse that always used to perform for me, but might have been looking for an extra hundred metres. Maybe in the wet this will actually be his day?”


This season’s final is expected to be run on a slow-heavy track.  Is this going to have an effect on this season’s race?


(Dazed and Confused) – “The wet track has been know to effect Trap in the past, however a concentration on stamina building at training lately should hold him in good stead.”


(TK-Hairboy) – “Very wet always slows the race down greatly, which should even the field. I'd be expecting the horses with more than just raw speed to step up a little.”


So, who to bet on?


(Haydos) – “I think Dorothy is my tip been a dominant sprinter for a while now but if not there are plenty of other great chances in what is looking like a really tight final.”


(Dazed and Confused) – “I'm hoping for a gallant run from my horse, however a top 5 finish would be the best I could hope for. Can't go past Dorothy as the one to beat. We've certainly spent a lot of time chasing that horse around the track”


(Sheepbilly) – “Not really worried about anyone in the final, if he (Dorothy) runs well he'll win. Any one of the horses in the final might run the race of their life and come from nowhere to win, my tip for a place is Igoo Maya Ted.”


(Yarraaman Gundhi) – “Who knows. There are some extremely good sprinters out there (including yours). I'd be surprised if it was from my stable though, looking at the competition... Anything can happen on race day though, especially in the wet.”


The Australian Magic Mile

January 28, 2009

Sat 31st Jan

Australian Magic Mile final.


Saturday marks the third running of The Australian Magic Mile at Sydney regional.


The top five horses from last weekend’s semi-final races have qualified for the final on Saturday, they are:

BecStars - Sister Best Bet

Bonerville Stud - She's The Fastest

Camelot Destriers - Carpe Kasimira

Canning Vale Estates - Will Do Sluggish

Claremont Stables - Floppy Jalepeno

CranePooleand Schimdt - Wednesday Moonlit

Devinals - SheDaisy

Glue Factory - Sheyanne

Haydos - ...

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The Australian Spring Guineas Series Final

January 21, 2009

Sat 24th January

The Australian Spring Guineas Series final, Sydney.


A bumper crop of the worlds best three year olds are gathering in Sydney this weekend to try to take home the cup in The Australian Spring Guineas Series. 


Two of the favourites for the race, Oi Gerrard and Carlos Miguel, have made the long journey from the UK, and are just two of the many international entries looking for victory in arguably the world’s premier three year old cup series.  Thugz Mansion, a prolific cu...

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2yo Maiden sprint and 3yo Mile invitationals

January 19, 2009

Fri 23rd January

2yo Maiden Sprint and 3yo Maiden Mile Invitationals, Sydney.


The first two races on Friday at the Sydney Harbour Racecourse are the two-year old sprint invitational and three-year old mile invitational, sponsored by Hareeba. 

As many of you are aware, Hareeba has been sponsoring many of these invitational races since they have been available for stables to create, and deserves credit for funding the future development work of the site. 


(Riddley Walker Racin) – “I thi...

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