Sprinters Shield Final
Here we are at London Bridge Racecourse for the final of the Sprinter Shield on this loverly 31st January with the horses lining up for the 0900 start. Track side and the reports are in that the condition is Good for this 1,100m sprint.

Rudolph Express lead the field in the first quarter with a time of 16.576 but their was nothing in the grouping with Jo Renegade 17.951 bringing up the rear. As the horses began to settle into their stride and jockeys battled for position it was clear we were in for a great race. After a slowish start Sissy Cap'n started to show qualitly running a very fast 275m in the second quarter. Into the third quarter and still nothing between the leaders it was going to goto the wire and what a finish we had.
We needed a photo finish to tell whom the win was with the top three crossing the line within just over hundereth of a second of each other. Once the stewards decided this was how the race finished.
Sissy Cap'n from Air Gear stables ridden by Christoper Mcquillen 1:04.459 
Roots Suprise from dafyddd's donkeys stables ridden by Valeria Mowery 1:04.543 
and third going to Spider Pony Kip of Odder's stable ridden by Dick Guardipee 1:04.580