The African Sprinters Shield

February 10, 2009

Sprinters Shield – Final

River Nile Delta Racecourse – 01/31/09 


Ginger Frootloop – Foss United

Selena Semolina – Divine Grace Racing

Follow Smoothly – Spirit of Dulcify

Kitty Peach – Lizzies Farm Yard

Ursula – Ashbury Stud Park

Nachral Babauska – Broncos Hooves

You Feel Milky Bar – SF Giants

Mosses Wildwind – Best West Racing

Olive Ovation – Crown Stud Park

Sooty – Sir Charles Racing

Edge Overtime – Ballydoyle House

Ivan Breaks – Settlers

Headin for Home – Freaksters

Lefty – Pimp my Horse

Tico Travlin – Gaidourakia

Corn Animals – Rocks Racing

Paris City – Marias Kitchen 

Race Recap:

This season’s final in the Sprinters Shield in Africa turned out to be a great race. Less than half a second separated the winner from 4th place. Betting prior to the race favored Sooty of Sir Charles, followed closely by Headin for Home and Ginger Frootloop, of Freaksters and Foss United, respectively. In rainy and heavy conditions, the race was on. Leading the pack at the first quarter was Nachral Babauska, followed by Olive Ovation and Sooty. Olive Ovation dropped off at the halfway point, mostly due to a hard charge by Ginger Frootloop. Nachral Babauska and Ginger Frootloop continued fighting for first by the third quarter, with Sooty waiting in the wings. Ginger Frootloop eventually broke off towards the end of the race, allowing Nachral Babasuka to take the win… but by a very slight margin. Ginger Frootloop was able to take second, followed by Sooty, Corn Animals, and Olive Ovation. The top 5 with times:

Nachral Babasuka – 1:09.499

Ginger Frootloop – 1:09.627

Sooty – 1:09.753

Corn Animals – 1:09.961

Olive Ovation – 1:10.372 

Congratulations to Nachral Babasuka and owner Broncos Hooves for winning this season’s very tight Sprinters Shield


The African Magic Mile

January 19, 2009
Going into the Africa final we had 2 former champions, a couple of other place-getters and one hell of a close spread in qualifying times, with inaugural champion Sir Tristram coming in slightly ahead of the recently moved Toddy Lover. Last seasons winner was a further second back, but rumour has it that his manager just told him to take it easy the whole way around in the Semis, so there was know knowing what he could achieve. What was known is that it was going to be one hell of a mile, and...
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