Past Winners

The Epsom Derby

February 8, 2009
The Epsom Derby one of the Newly added seasonal race in TK. The epsom derby is one of the most prestigious races in horse racing, and will be a prestigious race alongside the already Triple crown and Spring Guineas for 3yo's. A week from now we will experience the very first winner of the epsom derby and trackside will be right there to record it.

The Epsom Derby Past Winners

Season 6 =

The Trackking Masters

February 7, 2009
The Grand Daddy Event of Events in TK. This seasonal events puts the successful stables on the line with other successful stables. Its one of the grueling 2 weekend race and as many of us know that the big boys will show up for this race and run there horse legs off.

The TK Master Winners

Season 1 =
Season 2 =
Season 3 =
Season 4 =
Season 5 = Edge Never Peanut from Foss United
Season 6 =

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The TK Breeders Cup

February 7, 2009
The TK Breeders Cup is held around the world every season. It will test the breeders out there and will be another race that a lot of TK members will look for. So as we go live tomorrow trackside will be posting the very first winners to win each Breeders Cup event.

The RSPCA 2yo Breeders Cup Sprint Winner

Season 6 = Patra Suitor Lanes from Thugz Mansion

The RSPCA 2yo Breeders Cup Limited Winner

Season 6 = Player Loose from Zonic Racing

The RSPCA 3yo Breeders Cup Middle Winner

Season 6 = Be's Shada...

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The Australian Spring Guineas

February 7, 2009
The Australian Spring Guineas. One of the many anticipated events for 3yo and will still be one of the many anticipated big events for 3yos, from the triple crown, to the newly created epsom derby, and the Australian Spring Guineas. Some may race in all of them and some may not but it is still an event to watch. Sponsored by Maestro the Australian Spring Guineas is staying strong. Now time to look at the winners.

The Australian Spring Guineas Winners

Season 1 = N/A
Season 2 = N/A
Season 3 = N/A

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The Triple Crown

January 23, 2009

Season 1 = N/A
Season 2 = N/A
Season 3 = Charlotte from sheepbilly
Season 4 = Said to Contain from Lil Saints
Season 5 = Kentucky Derby = Stewie Griffin from Conteras
                 The Preakness = O Bomber from LittleO
 The Belmont =  O Bomber from LittleO
Season 6 = Kentucky Derby = Stretch from MoondogAU
 The Preakness = Flacon Fly from Falcon's
 The Belmont = 

2 years without a winner now, The Triple crown is proving to be a grueling test for 3yos but will this be...

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